Have a Merry Christmas

Today is Christmas day, so we’re having a break from the Think Like a Medical Student series. I just wanted to wish everyone who reads this blog a Merry Christmas period. Christmas is a time for caring, it’s a time for spending with our families and loved ones, it’s a time for festivity. It’s also a time for excessive intake of alcohol, food, and even recreational drugs. After all, it is known as the silly season.



What is Hypertension?

Hypertension is, fundamentally, when your blood pressure is too high. This can cause many problems, particularly long-term. If severe enough or uncontrolled it can actually be a cause of sudden death! But, what is hypertension?



Remember Everything: A primer

Have you ever tried to learn something new? When was the last time you failed at something you attempted to learn? Finally, what do you think your chances would be that you could study medicine and be successful? It is possible to remember far more than you think. I should know.


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