Expansion of a nervous sheath

Today, we will be continuing to Think Like a Medical Student by looking at Retroperitoneal Schwannoma: A Case Report. Be prepared, for this is a reasonably long one ... no pun intended with the story I will be telling. But first, let me talk about my erection!


Thinking like a medical student – An intro

I’m going to start a series all about looking at case reports from a medical perspective. The focus will be on explaining what a medical student (and by extension doctors) thinks about when looking at a case or discussing with a patient. In this first post (and continued in next weeks’ post) we will be working through the case of Till Death Do Us Part 1 from the Journal of Clinical Case Reports.

  1. Sa MM, Relvas A, Leandro S. Till Death Do Us Part. Journal of Clinical Case Reports 2016;6(4):1-.[]

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