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Expansion of a nervous sheath

Today, we will be continuing to Think Like a Medical Student by looking at Retroperitoneal Schwannoma: A Case Report. Be prepared, for this is a reasonably long one ... no pun intended with the story I will be telling. But first, let me talk about my erection!


ISBAR: A simple framework for discussing a case

As a medical professional, we often need to communicate with our colleagues, allied health professionals, and others. This can include discussing our own patients with our registrar or consultant seeking advice, publishing about a case in a journal, or discussing with the multi-disciplinary team for management of the patient. In this article, we will be looking at one of the recommended models for discussion within the healthcare system.


Thinking like a medical student – An intro

I’m going to start a series all about looking at case reports from a medical perspective. The focus will be on explaining what a medical student (and by extension doctors) thinks about when looking at a case or discussing with a patient. In this first post (and continued in next weeks’ post) we will be working through the case of Till Death Do Us Part 1 from the Journal of Clinical Case Reports.

  1. Sa MM, Relvas A, Leandro S. Till Death Do Us Part. Journal of Clinical Case Reports 2016;6(4):1-.[]

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