About Adrian Pavone

On track to be a doctor and a professional speaker.

It has been said “Start by doing what is necessary, then do what is possible, and suddenly you are doing the impossible.”

I was born in Sydney, Australia, and had a father who was in the military. At an early age, I learnt that only perfection was good enough for my father. I strived for perfection, putting incredible amounts of knowledge into my mind, so that I would never be caught out wanting. But, it did not take long before I realised that even perfection was not enough. That start set me up though, and I excelled at school, often coasting through all of my schooling without applying myself.

Originally, I was certain that I wanted to be a software engineer. I enrolled in a Bachelor of Computer Science program, majoring in both Software Engineering and Computer Security. But, my coasting style, along with my immaturity and the disillusionment I found with computer science, resulted in me dropping out of that course.

I worked in IT support, particularly on helpdesks, for roughly a decade. During that time, I repeatedly applied for jobs within software development, primarily computer programming. Despite my passion and drive, I was constantly knocked back, being told “You’re brilliant, you’re perfect, you’re exactly what we want. But, we went with someone with more experience.” I eventually got sick of the rejection and dropped out of information technology. I found myself working at Coles warehouse, picking stock.

While picking stock at Coles I thought “what am I doing with my life? I could be doing anything that I want.” So, I thought through the “top tier” options. Engineering, Law, Medicine … yes, Medicine rang incredibly true for many reasons.

Ignoring that I had been a failure all my life, I formulated a plan. I started by doing what was necessary: I re-enrolled in university, studying a Bachelor of Medical Science.

I then did what was possible: I completed that Bachelor of Medical Science and sat the GAMSAT exam, achieving respectable results.

Finally, I find myself doing the impossible: I got into the Doctor of Medicine program at the University of Queensland on my first attempt, and am now studying to be a Doctor in just a few short years.

Getting into Medicine involved relocating across the country. Once I arrived in Brisbane, I decided that it was about time to get around to checking out that Toastmasters thing that I’d been meaning to check out for over a decade. Maybe through that I could get to the point where I no longer just read my speech word for word from palm cards when giving presentations. Besides, it would give me something to do other than medicine. I joined the Brisbane Speakers Toastmasters club and am now working through the Pathways program to become a competent presenter.

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