Adrian Pavone

Down to Earth Doctor (to be)

Studying Medicine

Studying medicine at the University of Queensland has given me a hectic course-load and a changed view of life. Everything that I learn I want to convey to others, and trying to explain things in simple terms forces me to really understand topics well. Follow along with my journey and see things through my (still being medically trained) eyes, and learn new things about medicine and humanity that you never would have thought you could understand.

Always Improving

Being stationary is an error. We should always be improving ourselves, challenging ourselves, reaching new heights, exploring new depths.

The Japanese have a term related to perfection: wabi-sabi. The concept of wabi-sabi is that it is the imperfection of an object, not it’s perfection, that makes it beautiful. The uniqueness, the genuineness, the flawed nature of a thing, these all add to it’s beauty.

The process of improving ourselves is not about trying to be perfect, as perfection is not attainable. The process of improving ourselves is about obtaining mastery. Mastery is an ongoing process, it admits transience and imperfection, because it doesn’t try to claim to be infallible. Even the master sees themself as one with much still to learn, one who is still growing, and one who is on a continued journey of improvement and learning.

Start by doing what is necessary, then do what is possible, and suddenly you are doing the impossible.

Medicine, made simple.

Taking complex medical content and applying it to everyday life.

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